"Ayé L'Ojà, Òrun N'ilé"

(The Physical Earth is a marketplace; the Metaphysical Sphere is home)

Àníké's Marketplace concept is based on "self-authentication"—to validate one's existence through expression, interaction and exchange of value— and the value each individual places on his or her "Creative Self." From an economic point of view, the creative self produces (self-expression) and consumes (acquire things that nurture the self) for validation via life's journey.

the marketplace

"Ayé L'Ojà, Òrun N'ilé"

"When Yorùbá  say 'the world is a marketplace (aye l’oja),' they intentionally choose a metaphor that wonderfully captures the dynamics surrounding transactions, the pushes and pulls, the actions and reactions, the negotiations involved in living life...” 

 - Henry John Drewal

("Yoruba Art and Life as Journeys" /The Yoruba Artist)


 The Yorùbá culture, often described as shrouded in mystery, views the world as a marketplace—Ojà—where Beings journey to as traders, equipped with a 'gift' and a 'goal' (or "purpose" and "plan") and participate in the business of buying and selling goods and services. The mystery lies in the process of 'self-discovery' as it unfolds through: Self-awareness, Self-expression and Self-authentication, which determines wealth created (level of abundance) within the marketplace. Death within the culture, is not viewed as untimely, but the end of the journey, homebound to the metaphysical sphere: Òrun.